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The Academy provides solar education to avoid costly mistakes and facilitate an emerging market it has a strong belief in practice, and its educational system is derived from the world’s state of the art institutes in solar power during more than two decades market experiences. How would it feel to serve your country with endless, clean and independent solar energy and have success with it?


The Academy of Solar Power Education helps create a classroom environment for their trainees, teaching them hands-on and actual information about solar power: its uses and benefits. It has a strong belief in practice, and its educational system is derived from some of the world’s experts in solar power, who has the best experience and knowledge in this area.

Target Group


Target Group Entrepreneurs and their team, private and state-owned companies and staff on every level, installers, decision makers, government, local government, educational institutes, students, sales specialists, architects, planners, people who want to use solar power, if your business is concerning solar energy.

• you, if you want to get your business growing fast and successful!
• you, if you want to avoid costly mistakes!

Alexander Kaub, founder and lecturer of the inutec solarcenters and The Academy is working successfully for the last 20 years in the field of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy. With his company inutec solarcenter he is a true pioneer who has taken part in all aspects of the solar market. From 2008, 2009 and 2010 his company generated every year around 18 million USD turn-over in Germany. He has impressive experience in designing, planning, installation, training, the growing solar market and operating a business. In 2013 he attended i.e.12 seminars about the latest PV knowledge in Germany to be up to date. He is an Authorized Expert for Photovoltaic Equipment (TÜV).


Alexander Kaub

CEO/Dipl.-lng. Environmental Techniques

Authorised Expert for Photovoltaic Equipment (TÜV)


The Class at Work

With the Academy of Solar Power Education, education is the best tool. Giving and sharing the best knowledge in solar power is the Academy’s main goal, for a better, sunnier, and happier life.


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